Mission FEDLER

We are on a mission to empower the AI community to develop, monetize, and operationalize their products using public blockchain technologies. We aim to solve the data access, compute scarcity, and talent-related problems to escape the next AI winter and tap a trillion dollar market by 2030




Team Members


Open Source Contributions


Million Max Supply

Partners & Backers

FEDLER is partnering with top-notch companies and organizations. Interested in becoming our partner? Contact us at: partnership@fedler.ai

Ecosystem Products

FEDLER is going to offer a range of products and AI services

A One-stop social marketplace for generative AI Artists to generate, publish, monetize, and sell their AI art on various web2 and web3 platforms

A decentralized machine/deep learning platform for open, private, and collaborative model development.

A decentralized deployment engine for AI dApps.

A decentralized marketplace for data, AI assets, AI dApps, skills, and compute providers.

A decentralized launchpad for AI dApp developers and AI startups.

A decentralized platform to provision compute resources.

FEDLER Roadmap

Quarter 1

  • Ideation of FEDLER
  • Feasibility and Market Analysis
  • Formation of the Project FEDLER Team

Quarter 2

  • Start of Website Development
  • Release of Lightpaper

Quarter 3

  • Testnet Launch
  • First MVP Beta Launch (Fedgen.ai)

Quarter 4

  • Contract Audit – Onboarding partners
  • Community Development

Quarter 1

  • MVP Launch
  • Wallet integration
  • DEX Integration
  • Testnet

Quarter 3

  • Public Sale
  • Design and Development of Data APIs
  • Data Navigators and Marketplaces
  • Oracle Integration

Quarter 2

  • Mainnet Role-out
  • Staking and Rewards
  • Seed / Private Sale

Quarter 4

  • First dApp
  • Exchange listing
  • Compute Network Integration

Quarter 1

  • Compute Navigators and Marketplaces
  • Oracle Integration

Quarter 2

  • Validators Onboarding
  • First Hackathon

Quarter 3

  • Second Hackathon
  • Full Ecosystem

Quarter 4

  • Partnerships and more...

Our Team

Jorge Cardoso, PhD

Co-Founder & Advisor

Reader at King’s College

Habib Rehman, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Researcher at King’s College

Walter Pinaya, PhD


Researcher at King’s College

Zubair Khan


Fellow of Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, UK


We are currently open beta testing our first AI application (https://fedgen.ai) which can be accessed by anyone.

No, we will integrate wallet functionality after the availability $FEDLER token via DEX/CEX.

We're currently offering $FEDLER tokens via seed round and strategic round sales, and we will conduct ICO via trusted launchpads and IEOs.

You can participate in seed round to buy $FEDLER token at preferred price.

No, not at this stage. You'll need $10 worth of $FEDLER tokens to access fedgen.ai. Tiers for the upcoming tools and dApps will be set soon.

Yes, the team funds will be locked at TGE and it will start releasing team funds after 12 months.

All $FEDLER tokens will be locked via PinkSale platform, and contract ownership will be renounced. Please visit tokenomics and locking and vesting schedule sections in FELDER lightpaper.

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